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  • Dr. Ponkhi Sharma.

Slipped Disc Physiotherapy Treatment. Treat your slipped disc without surgery

If you’ve been diagnosed with a slipped disc and confirmed through an MRI scan you need not fear. Getting a disc bulge or a slipped disc is as common as we get grey hair as we grow old. It can be thoroughly treated through Physiotherapy treatment. The route to recovery involves physiotherapy sessions which involve in most cases, you can expect to recover in two to three weeks with physiotherapy sessions and home exercises. At Curis 360 Physiotherapy clinic, Jayanagar, we first aim to improve your muscles, reduce your pain and rehabilitate you to go back to your full functional ability. This is one of the best Physiotherapy Clinics in Bangalore.

With the latest physiotherapy equipment and advanced treatment techniques, you can treat your slipped disc with conservative treatments and avoid surgery.

Physiotherapy for slipped discs involves core exercises, electrotherapy, myofascial release, endurance training, taping, and postural analysis and correction. An individualized treatment plan needs to be developed for each person after a detailed assessment by an expert therapist at Curis 360. These techniques should only be done by skilled physiotherapists or under their watchful eyes.

Slipped disc or a disc bulge happens when there is stress or trauma on the spine. If the muscles supporting your spines are weak small stress can also cause lots of trauma to the spine.

The pain you experience is mainly due to 2 reasons:

In the acute phase pain is due to inflammation around the affected area whereas else in chronic conditions (old cases of disc problems) pain is mostly due to spasm, tightness, and injuries to the soft tissues.

Reduce pain and improve blood circulation

1) Electrotherapy

To bring down the inflammation and pain and to improve the blood circulation to the localized area we, at Curis 360 Physiotherapy Clinic use ultrasound therapy, TENS, IFT, and Laser therapy. These modalities help the pain to subside same time it prepares the muscle to take the activities.

2) Exercise Therapy at Curis 360 Physiotherapy

After the pain subsides, we aim to improve the mobility of the patient. This will help to bring the patient to a fully functional state. Curis 360 Physiotherapy Clinic in Jayanagar has the best physiotherapists in the Jayanagar area. we customize the exercises which involve stretching, strengthening, postural correction. Electrotherapy helps to improve the present pain of the patient and exercise therapy helps them in the future. A well-designed physiotherapy exercise plan by an expert physiotherapist can protect you from future reoccurrence of the problem

3) Myofascial Release:

How it is done: In a myofascial release, slow and sustained manual pressure is applied to your back which helps to stretch and relax your strained back muscles.

How it helps: This hands-on technique helps greatly in reducing your pain.

4) Endurance Training

Endurance training is initiated to increase endurance and reduce the fatigue in your back muscles.

How it is done: Endurance training for slipped discs usually starts with 2-3 sets of 15 reps of back extension exercises a day. How it helps: Repeated muscle contraction (or exercising) for a prolonged period helps enhance your strength and endurance.

5) Taping or K-Tape

How it is done: Taping or K-tape is another effective method to relieve pain wherein a cotton strip with acrylic adhesive is applied to the problem area. At Curis 360 Physiotherapy Clinic, Jayanagar has experienced and certified physiotherapists to do the K Tape.

How it helps: Taping offloads pressure from the stressed back muscles which results in immediate pain relief. It also increases blood circulation in the back which further promotes the healing process. Taping also provides support to your back and promotes healthy posture and normal function. 6)Postural Analysis and Correction

You should also consider getting a postural analysis and correction done. Bad posture leads to unnecessary strain on your back. During a postural analysis and correction, the physiotherapist at Curis 360, analyses your posture and advises measures to correct it. This would also help reduce unwanted stress on your spine.


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