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Physiotherapy Consultation

A physical therapy consultation is an appointment between a physical therapist and a patient. Our purpose is to understand the problem you are facing. Curis 360 physios will assess you and diagnose the issues and discuss how it will be taken care of you in order to give you the best result.


Firstly, our physio will take you for a physical examination, if needed a special test will be performed by the physio in order to understand the issue deeply. According to your condition, your treatment plan will be suggested by the qualified physio. Programs are individually designed for each patient taking care of his/ her special needs and the Doctor’s recommendation. Some patients may want to continue exercising with us after recovery, and we move them onto a “Rehabilitation program” that works towards a goal that they set for themselves. We will also help you with some simple home or desk exercises which will add up to faster recovery.

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