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GROUP Classes:


 FSF Classes (Flexibility, strength, and fitness):


  Group classes are a fun and cost-effective program. Flexibility, Strength, and Fitness are the most important component of being healthy.Curis 360 blends physiotherapy with fitness and present you with a most effective program called FSF (flexibility, strength, Fitness) group classes.These programs are planned in such a way that it can be done by everyone irrespective of age and their fitness level.These classes are conducted to improve the overall fitness of a person and also build up the strength of the muscles. Different days different muscles will be worked on so that you get a full body exercise by the end of the week.

Group classes will be conducted on Monday to Friday.

Group Clsses in Curis 360

GERIATRIC Group classes:



 Good physical and mental health can improve your quality of life during your older years. In addition to promoting your independence and keeping your body strong and energized, the American Council on Exercise states that physical activity can also prevent or improve age-related conditions, such as osteoporosis and arthritis, and lowers your risk of injuries and health conditions, such as stroke and heart disease. Paired with good mental health, this combination can add years to life.


 Curis 360 has a planned workout for all the elderly people who want to be fitter and healthier.These exercises are simple and effective.  customized whenever required.



How does it help?


  • Control your BP and Sugar level

  • Keep your heart healthy

  • Keeps your muscles strong and flexible

  • Keep you Active ever

  • Makes you feel happy and young

  • Connects you to the same peer group

All the exercises will be designed and supervised by an experienced physio always

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