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 Physical activity is very important for your child. It is the best way for them to keep on track for those major milestones like skipping, hopping and bounding.


 When they learn these and other tasks, they are not just learning a motion, but building a strong foundation for their bodies as they develop. This foundation includes core, balance, and coordination. This will be helpful when joining in sports and other lifelong activities. They need to unwind, unstressed and have some fun. By having them engage in a physical activity they are more likely to focus in class and sleep better at night. Joining in physical activity can give them a sense of belonging by being part of a team. Unfortunately, most children do not engage in physical activity and youth obesity has become an issue. This can lead to several health concerns including but not limited to diabetes and high blood pressure.

 Curis 360 has a specialized program for the kids and teenager to be active. Through our fun-filled activities, they will be able to improve fitness, strength, posture, and confidence.

Kid's Fitness in Bangalore
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