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Partnership with Curis 360

-Partnership Program-

 Get partnered with Curis 360: We believe in mutual growth. We have an attractive partnership program through which you can get benefited. When you join the Curis 360 Partner Program, you will see that teaming up with Curis 360 is an easy and smart move for your business. Curis 360 offers valuable tools and resources to help grow your business.


What is Curis 360 Partner program?

  • The Curis 360 Partner Network is the framework for collaboration between Curis 360 and our partners, offering a wide range of benefits to ensure our mutual success.

 Call us at +91-7899844360 or send an email to to explore more about our partnership programs and opportunities.

  •    What is my eligibility to be a partner with Curis 360?

  - You could be a reputed doctor, a gym owner, fitness trainer, a physiotherapist or being associated with the healthcare/fitness industry or a sports community, you are welcome to be a partner with Curis 360.

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