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Neck basically has a very important role, as it holds up your head. Due to poor position and posture, it puts more stress on cervical(neck) spine’s facet joint, intervertebral disc, ligaments and muscles.

Doing a regular set of exercises that includes aerobics, stretching and strengthening is very much important for various reasons for everyone. Whether you have neck pain or not, doing neck exercises will help in prevention of many neck related issues and if it is there is will reduce the chance of developing.

When neck, chest and upper back muscles are weak, tightened or elongated it leads to rounded shoulder and the head sags forward which increases the stress on cervical region.

Poor posture with the head sagging forward leads to chronic or recurrent neck pain. It includes:

  • Joint stiffness

  • Upper back pain

  • Shoulder blade pain

  • Headaches

Fortunately, a well planned neck rehab program helps to address the above symptoms. Physio team at Curis360 physiotherapy and fitness clinic works on each client and designs a customized neck rehab program.


Flexibility and stretching exercises helps in improving range of motion(ROM) of affected cervical(neck) joints. Thus helps in reducing symptoms. It is recommended to do stretching everyday and some stretches are required to be done several times a day.


Strengthening neck muscles helps in improving the posture and it helps to lessens or eradicate recurrent flare ups of pain. So these should be done everyday.

About 30 minutes of cardio workout helps intake a good amount of oxygen. It keeps heart rate and breathing levels elevated because of which there is increase in the blood flow to the muscles and soft tissues neck and upper back. This leads to the production of endorphin hormone( body’s natural pain killer). Example of aerobic activities are- treadmill, spin bike, elliptical , brisk walking, aerobic dance.

Before starting the neck rehab program it is important to reduce pain and inflammation.

  • Electrotherapy helps in reducing pain and inflammation

  • Heat therapy- Done prior to stretching to reduce joint and muscle stiffness. This is done according to specific diagnosis and pain levels.

  • Cryotherapy- this is done to reduce inflammation after exercise session. This is done according to specific diagnosis and pain levels.

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