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Posture and Positions in pregnancy

One of the most important aspect of a healthy pregnancy is to maintain a good posture. Poor alignment and improper posture can strain your back and neck causing pain and fatigue. Henceforth it is very much important to maintain a healthy posture in standing, sitting and lying down.

As your pregnancy progresses, growing weight of your baby puts strain on your back and you might feel like you are going to topple (as center of gravity moves forward).

Importance of proper posture in standing, sitting and lying down:

  • Baby gets more space to grow and move

  • Reduces pain in shoulders , upper back, neck, pelvis and lower back

  • Faster recovery post delivery

  • Reduces diastasis recti

Tips to maintain a healthy posture in various positions:

Standing position:

  • Maintain pelvic tilt( tuck your tummy in) all the time

  • Do not sway your lower back forward

  • Tuck your chin in so that your ears are in straight line with shoulders

  • Avoid standing in one position for longer period of time

  • Avoid wearing high heels as it causes your body weight to shift forward even more.

  • While doing any activity for e.g. ironing or washing utensils– keep one foot on a high stool to prevent forward swaying of back

Sitting position:

  • Sit with your back straight and well supported. Avoid slouching of back.

  • Sit on a chair with soft arm rest so that it keeps your shoulders relaxed and elbows close to your body.

  • Sit on a chair that supports your thighs completely.

  • While sitting, yours knees and hips should be at equal level.

  • Do not cross your legs as it affects circulation of blood.

Lying position:

  • Avoid lying down on your back after first trimester as weight of your baby and uterus puts pressure on large blood vessels which hampers blood circulation and oxygen supply to placenta and fetus.

  • Do not lie on your tummy.

  • If you do lie down on your back for some time then keep your head elevated with pillow support and keep your knees bent(you can put a pillow under your knees) in order to tilt your pelvis to keep your back flat.

  • Avoid sitting up directly. Whenever you want to get up from bed turn to one side, lift your upper body using arm and hand, then move your legs to the side of your bed and stand up slowly

  • Other important tips:

  • To reach or lift low objects, always keep your feet apart with one foot forward.

  • Never forward bend with your knees straight. To pick up things from floor keep your feet apart, bend your knees and back straight and then reach for it. Keep the object closer to your body as you lift.

  • As you want to get out of car, turn completely (move your hips, pelvis and back in same direction) towards door then slowly keep your legs down and stand up.

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